Attention to users who are using Facebook login

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Data : 2021-06-24
Attention to users who are using Facebook login Dear Superstars, we have received some feedback recently that some Facebook login users had unsuccessful recharge / unsuccessful login. Please be informed that, there are 2 different login accounts for official website Facebook login, one is the 4games platform account, and the other is the Touch micro-client account. ** Login with 4games platform account (unsynced with micro-client's data): http://www.4games.com/ ** Login with Touch micro-client account (synced with micro-client's data): http://t.4games.com/index.htm, you can login to the same micro-client account by choosing Facebook on the official website's main page. Note: 1. For users who login using Facebook on the 4games platform, those who are unable to use Facebook or Google to login micro-client / different account when logging in using Facebook, if any superstars meet with this situation, please look for the GM via official Facebook main page / group to help report this problem. We will change the Facebook login to email login, after which xxx@facebook.4games.com will become your main email to login via micro-client, you can also provide us with an additional email as the recovery email, by clicking on the Forget Password function will allow you to modify / reset / recover your password. 2. For users who login using Facebook on the micro-client, must login through the Facebook icon of the Touch official website login box (http://t.4games.com/index.htm), and you will successfully login to the game account on the official website that is the same with the micro-client account. To put it simple: the micro-client Facebook login is the same as the Facebook account login from the Touch official website's right hand side box; if you have previously used 4games platform's Facebook login, and had logged in to a different account while using micro-client's Facebook login, please contact the Facebook fan page's customer service, we will help you to change to email login for micro-client. Note: 1. Superstars, please refrain from modifying the 4games platform account by yourselves, to avoid unnecessary failures and causing errors. 2. After switching platform accounts, please be reminded that the email is not to be used for logging in, it is only for recovering your password.