FAQ for Beginner

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Data : 2013-03-09

1. Why can't I start the game?

A: TOUCH is developed upon Unity3D. You have to correctly install the Unityplayer plug-in before you start the game.

2. Why can't I enter the Standard Lobby and Free Lobby?

A: The Standard Lobby and Free Lobby are only open to players with a lvl 10 or above.

3. How to chat with other players?

A: You can type in the Chat Window to communicate with others. Chat Channels include All, Private, Community, Airing and System channels.

4. How do I start playing?

A: Choose and enter a room that has not been started, click READY and wait for the host to start the game. Or, click CREATE STAGE to open a room, choose the song and difficulty level and click START.

5. How to change costumes?

A: All the costumes you buy will be kept in your BACKPACK. Click backpack and you can view or change the costume at any time.

6. How to obtain costumes?

A: You can obtain part of the costumes through the Beginner Gift Pack, missions and activities. For more beautiful costumes, you can buy from the STORE.

7. How to level up?

A: The game rates the player's dancing accuracy. The higher the rating, the more EXP. EXP can also be gained via accomplishing missions. When enough EXP is accumulated, the character will automatically level up.

8. How to turn off/on the backup dancers?

A: You can close backup dancers by clicking CANCEL BACKUP on the upper part of the screen. To reopen, open the SYSTEM SETTINGS and choose "open" for the Backup Dancer Option.

9. Can I send gifts to others?

A: Sure. All purchased items are kept in the BACKPACK. As long as it has not expired or bound, it can be sent to other players. For items in the Store, you can click SEND to directly buy and send it to other players. Or, you can click REQUEST to ask for a gift from other players.

10. Why does someone's same type of costume have a different color from mine?

A: The game supports DIY functions. Items with the DIY button in the STORE can be customized. Click the DIY button to enter the DIY interface, and you can custom color and use patterns for different parts of the costume. The DIY item will be yours once customized and paid for.

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