Introducing All-new Easter Day Egg

Font : L M S
Data : 2016-03-23

All-new Easter Day Egg is now available~ Plenty of new fashions and new crafted item Lily Harp can be gained from egg~ Put on new fashion and have a fun time with friends~~

Open Easter Day Egg will random gain reward below~

1st Prize: Private Pet Fashion(rare)

图片: T1.png图片: T2.png

1st Prize: Private Pet Fashion(normal)

图片: T3.png图片: T4.png


2nd Prize: Zero Fashion(rare)

图片: T5.png图片: T6.png

2nd Prize: Zero Fashion(normal)

图片: T7.png图片: T8.png

1st Prize: Crafted item Lily Harp(rare)

图片: T9.png

1st Prize: crafted item Lily Harp(normal)

图片: T10.png

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