《TOUCH》Lunar Year End Carnival!

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Data : 2016-01-14
Event 1: Top-up Rebate CR
Duration: 2016-1-18, 2016-1-23 & 2016-1-24
Description: During event period, top-up to certain Gold amount will gain CR rebate right away, rebate ratio is 30%.
Superstars, in this festive and boisterous season~ TOUCH with a generous heart will be having a Cash Rebate Event~ to alleviate your spending. So take hold of this golden opportunity, and enjoy this Lunar Year End Carnival.
Event 2: EXP×2
Duration: 2016-1-19, 2016-1-22
Description: Receive double EXP just by playing in multi-player.
Superstars, on this designated 2 days you may dance with your friends and obtain double EXP. This is indeed killing two birds with one stone, so get to dancing with your friends!
Event 3: Catch the Shooting Stars
Duration: 2016-1-20 to 2016-1-21
Description: During the event, 12:30-13:30 and 19:30-20:00 every day, you have chance to gain Shooting Stars as long as you dance online, same as Crystal Stars and Golden Stars. Shooting Stars can be used to redeem rewards or draw lottery. You can also use 100 R each time to increase your chances of lottery, 20 times at most each day. By the end of the event, all unused Shooting Stars are deemed as given up.

图片: 5+Color+Meteor.jpg
图片: 5+Color+Meteor+2.jpg
Event 4: Eggs Flash Sale
Duration: 2016-1-18 to 2016-1-24
Description: During the event, TOUCH will sell eggs of Thanksgiving and previous events: Durian, Orchid, Winter, Due, Apricot and Summer Eggs. Don't miss this chance to collect!
Orchid Egg
图片: Orchid.jpg  
Thanksgiving Eggs  
图片: Thanksgiving+Egg.jpg
Event 5: Quiet Handsome Man
Duration: 2016-1-18 to 2016-1-24
Description: During event period, when Attack reaches 100 will gain reward from Handsome Man. Current server top 3 highest Attack and Final Strike's room will gain extra reward. Reward will be given through mail, please check your mailbox.
Event 6: Fancy gifts every day
Duration: 2016-1-18 to 2016-1-24
Description: During the event, top up the daily amount target to claim rewards! What are you waiting for?
Choose one,Dream Butterfly Opt Pack
图片: Assorted+ButterWings.jpg 
Bat Wings - L 
图片: Bat+Wing+Left.jpg 
Bat Wings - R
图片: Bat+Wing+Right.jpg 
Event 7: Blue Sky Debris and Good Mood
Duration: 2016-1-18 to 2016-1-24
Description: During the event, except in the Exchange, for every 1000 R consumed the player will get 1 piece of "Blue Sky Debris", which can be used to craft Poo Bro, Poo Sis, Scepter of Fantasy and Kissy Giraffe. The more you consume, the more you get. No quantity limit. Touch wishes everyone good mood every day!
A rare opportunity has appeared, unlimited exchange for “Blue Sky Debris” is available!
Wait no longer and combine “Blue Sky Debris” into the costumes you wish to acquire!
So get your long awaited heart’s desires now!