4games-Touch 10.23-10.26 Continuous Recharge Rewards

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Data : 2022-10-14
 【Activity Range】

All servers

【Activity Period】

Activity period:10.23 00:00 - 10.26 23:59

【Activity Rule】

1. During activity,10.23 00:00 - 10.26 23:59,players accumulate a certain amount of recharge,and can receive the corresponding recharge reward package,rewards can only be claimed once;

2. All rewards can be claimed directly in the game after players meet the conditions;


3888 Gift Pack
Random 2nd prize fashion
4888 Gift Pack
4888 Fine Fashion
Muyue,Lotus Moon,Shenyue,T-Day Moon,Open Year
6888 Gift Pack
Shopping Cart,Mini Yacht,Fairy Leopard,Lux Bathtub,Feiying Mo
8888 Gift Pack