《TOUCH》Goat Year Spring Festival Egg

Font : L M S
Data : 2015-12-29

Dear Superstars,

Goat Year Spring Festival Egg is now available~ Plenty of new fashions can be gained from egg~ Put on new fashion and have a fun time with friends~~

Open Goat Year Spring Festival Egg will random gain reward below~

1st Prize: Goat Year Spring Festival Pack (contains Misty Fashion Random Pack and Rhapsody Keyboard Material Random Pack)

2nd Prize: New Year Fashion Random Pack (contains permanent fashion)

3rd Prize: Rose of Love Action

4th Prize: Rare Action Pack

5th Prize: CNY Couplets


Wish you luck!



Goat Year Spring Festival Egg Misty

图片: t1.png


Female 2nd New Year


图片: t2.png


New Year

图片: t3.png


Rhapsody Keyboard

图片: t4.png图片: t5.png


Male 1st Prize Misty 

图片: t6.png



Male 1st Prize New Year 

图片: t7.png



New Year 

图片: t8.png


Rhapsody Keyboard 

图片: t9.png


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