《TOUCH》Welcome Brand New Year Events

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Data : 2015-12-29
 Event1BRC top-up rebate

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-12-29

DescriptionReceive BRC top-up rebates immediately when you top up the relevant amount


Event 2Instant 50% discount on Cross-server -Horns


DescriptionEnjoy an instant discount of 50% when you purchase the “Cross-server W-Horns” in the store or chat channels!

Dear Superstar, another new year is about to come~ Quickly buy the CS Airing to voice out your love and blessing to you beloved partner and best friends! For the still single Superstar, it’s the best time to express your love to someone~ Do not hesitate anymore, the CS Airing is having 50% discount, buy and action now!


Event 3Part of Diamond store 50% off


DescriptionDuring the event50% off on specific 30-day clothes at the Diamond store

Year 2015 is going to end soon, current sales will be the last chance for you to grab the special fashion! Quickly buy a new outfit to welcome another brand new year!!


Event 4Consecutive log-in rewards


DescriptionLogging into the game will earn you 3000 BRC

In order to celebrate the first new day of 2016, Touch is going to give out 3000BRC to Superstar! Dear all, do not miss out this extraordinary chance!


Event 5Weekend shopping giveaways

Duration2015-01-02 to 2015-01-03

DescriptionDuring the event .you can receive different level of rewards according to your accumulated consumption. Touch wish you have an extremely good time!


Event 6Accumulate top-up to claim gifts!

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-12-31

DescriptionDuring the event, you can claim Luxurious Accessary Pack by meeting the consumption target!

Rare Paradise Guitar is up for grabs, do not miss it!

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Event 7New Year Carnival Eggs Flash Sale

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-01-01

DescriptionDuring the event, the store will sell New Year Eggs. Besides Newbud andMurre Outfits, there are also New Spring Couplet and Red Lantern for crafting special mount – Flying Carpet!
Wish everyone a happy new year!

Limited eggs that contain limited edition Mount, grab it now!!


Event 8NY Spend and Get Reward

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-01-01

DescriptionDuring the event, you can claim rewards by meeting daily consumption target! Come on! Undaimed rewards will be reset the next day. Claim timely.

Exclusive gifts giveaway, the more you spend, the more you get


Event 9Free New Year Eve Maltose

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-01-03

DescriptionDuring the event, except in the Exchange, for every 1000 R consumed the player will get 1 Maltose, which can be used to craft Cheerful Cat, Cheerful Cat(L Shank) and Round Sheep Opt Pack(5C). The more you consume, the more you get. No quantity limit.

Cute and adorable kitty & sheep that every girl dreams to own~

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Event 10Eggs’ Legion

Duration2015-12-28 to 2015-01-03

DescriptionDuring the eventyou will receive a reward from Eggs’ Legion for every 100 attacks. The server’s top 3 attackers and the room of last-strike will receive extra rewards. Rewards are sent via mails. Please mind the mailbox space.


Event 11Happy Anniversary Eggs Flash Sale

Duration2015-01-02 to 2015-01-03

DescriptionDuring the eventTouch will sell Labor Day Eggs. The gorgeous Swanhorm fashion has made its shiny debut. You can also get Sky Feather and Oak Board to craft Heaven Swing. No matter what you plan to do, having party or hanging out, let us enjoy the holiday!

New limited edition egg is available now, most special fashion is waiting for you~图片: QQ截图20151228185501.png