《TOUCH》Christmas Events

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Data : 2015-12-18
 Happiness and Fortune at Christmas~
"Christmas Rhapsody Flash Sale"

Event 1:Christmas White Valentine Egg 
Duration:2015-12-21 - 2015-12-23
Description:During event period, TOUCH will release previous White Valentine Egg, collect now!

Event 2:Christmas Rhapsody Flash Sale
Duration:2015-12-24 - 2015-12-25
Description:During the event, the store will sell previous Christmas Eggs. Besides super-cool Ghost Rider and Ice Tone Outfits, we also provide the awesome Ghost Motorcycle (crafted by Sacred Flame and Christmas Socks), and crafting item Christmas Chips for special Christmas titles! Enjoy the Christmas Night Carnival Merry Christmas!

Event 3:Special boss of Christmas
Duration:2015-12-21 - 2015-12-27
Description:During the event,  you will receive a reward from Dark Santa for every 100 attacks. The server's top 3 attackers and the room of last-strike will receive extra rewards. Rewards are sent via mails. Please mind the mailbox space.
Event 4:Xmas Carnival
Duration:2015-12-21 - 2015-12-27
Description:During the event, except in the Exchange, for every 1000 R consumed the player will get 1 Xmas Tree, which can be used to craft Santa Claus, Xmas Elk Hat, Christmas Bell and Xmas Garland. The more you consume, the more you get. No quantity limit. Touch wish you a merry Christmas!
Event 5:Xmas Top-up to win gift
Duration:2015-12-21 - 2015-12-27
Description:On the first day, if your top-up has reached a certain level, you will get CRs the next day. Effective top-up period is before 24:00 the event day. The more top-up, the more return.

Event 6:Xmas BRC top-up rebate
Duration:2015-12-21 - 2015-12-27
Description:During the event, you can immediately get back half the amount of your top-up in BRs.