《Touch》S16- Dream Land Launch 10/27

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Data : 2015-10-26
Dear Superstars, after a few weeks preparation, we are opening the 16th server - Dream Land. This server open on 27th October 2015 13pm (GMT+8).
[Act 1]Full Return for the First Topup
[Intro]: The first topup in game will get you 100% rebate. The rebate will be in BRC, which can be used to buy a few fashions and a few special eggs.
[Time]: From Now
[Act 2] Free limited gift pack for Beginners
[Intro]: All players that visit the official website can claim a redemption code for the gift pack, which includes some items and credits.
How to use: Login to the game and click ACTIVITY on the upper right corner of the screen, find the "GIFT CARD" label, click it and input the gift code.
[Time]: From Now
[Act 3] Shiny U3D gift pack for free 
[Intro]: During the activity, players who install U3D add-on from the official website will receive a redemption code for light-effect costume items. 
How to use: enter the game and click ACTIVITY on the upper right corner, find the "GIFT CARD" label and click it to input the gift code.
[Time]: From Now
[Act 4] New player login reward 
[Intro]: Upon login, new player will receive "Beginner 7-Day Fun" reward to acquire costumes and game credits for 7 consecutive days.
[Time]: From Now
[Act 5] Level-up reward 
[Intro]: During the activity, players will receive valuable rewards by reaching a certain level.
       Reach lvl 50: 5000 Bundled R-coins
       Reach lvl 40: 5000 Bundled R-coins
       Reach lvl 30: 5000 Bundled R-coins
       Reach lvl 20: 3000 Bundled R-coins
       Reach lvl 10: 2000 Bundled R-coins
[Time]: From Now
[Act 6 Consecutive login rewards 
[Intro]: Each day, players can receive a pair of flashy wings (for 1 day) on the Activity Interface. After consecutive 28 days, it can be exchanged for permanent wings.
[Time]: From Now
[Act 7] Activeness rewards 
[Intro]: Players who log in every day and complete relevant activeness missions will receive Bundled R-coins, card items and other valuable rewards.
[Time]: From Now