《TOUCH》September 25, 2015 Update Announcement

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Data : 2015-09-23
Dear players, 
In order to provide a better game environment, 4Games《Touch》will be having game maintenance on September 25, 2015 during 10:00-13:00(GMT+8). After maintenance, player can resume game.
Update Content:
1. Retro/Duel Mode
• Added new game mode: Retro/Duel Mode.
2. Wedding Optional Mission
• Added new wedding optional mission: Present exquisite egg and give out blessing.
• New added Wedding Room: Luxury Chapel
3. Dating
• New dating scene: Seaside, Stadium Hall, Theatre
4. New Stage
• Added new stage: Evernight Town & Lost City of Steam
5. Baby
• Baby’s 3 skills upgraded to Lv16
• Enhance baby attribute max to 2000.
6. Zodiac Illustration
• Added Scorpio and Libra to Zodiac Illustration.
7. Craft
• Added monthly grand prize can be crafted, able to craft the grand prize fashion in Bamboo Egg, Autumn Egg, Fortune Egg and Cheer Egg become new instrument: Symphony Piano.
8. New item in Store
• Egg and Accessories
9. New Song
10. Optimization
• Optimized First Top-up Reward.
• Updated reward of Log-in system.
• Updated Sign In interface and Attendance Pack.
• Added MV Original Version Dance Demo.
• Added“My Relationship”feature, can be searched from Personal
• Increased Love Tree to Lv8.
• Wedding photo added 3 sets couple POSE.
• Luxury Chapel Wedding Room added Set on Top feature.
• Added Wedding Anniversary, able to gain Affinity through wedding and wedding anniversary.
• Wedding Room opening time from 1 hours increased to 4 hours.
• Optimized the Affinity can be claimed at any time in Blessing interface.
• Added wedding flow in Wedding feature. Can invite friend to become wedding emcee or witness.
• Added News Box and System Guide features in Touch Database.