TOUCH & RAZER GOLD top up event

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Data : 2019-08-13
①Event time: 8.14 10:00 AM- 8.21 10:00 AM

②Activity content

1. Each time you use the Razer Gold (wallet & point) to top up Touch during the event, you can get 100% rebate, and we will also open a recycle bin event at the main time.

2. During the event will have a Super Mall update event: update 3 sets of new eggs, re-stock 1 set of eggs, and put on 24 sets of general fashion (only one set of eggs and 8 pieces of common fashion every two weeks on normal update event)

③Activity rewards

1. Top 10 players of the top up event can get Razer Gold special item rewards

1st Prize: 1 set of Razer reward + any rare white mount

2nd prize: Razer rewards x 2 + any rare white clothes

3rd Prizes: Razer rewards x 1 + optional clothes packexcept white

4th-7th Prize: Razer Premium Pack+ Optional Egg Ticket*240

8th-10th Prize: Razer Standard Pack + Optional Egg Ticket*120

2. Players who have recharged up to MYR 250 can participate in the lucky draw event.

After the event, the Perfect Game will be rewarded players according to the result of lucky draw event.

Lucky draw rewards: Razer Gold MYR20 (10 total) & 5000RC (20 total)


Awards include, Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2, Mamba Wireless Mouse,

Razer Kraken Pro V2, Razer Premium Pack, Razer Standard Pack, Razer Starter Pack


Premium Pack Entity Reward is Messenger Laptop Bag + THS Bottle + Limited Entity Card Gold USD 1 + Limited Physical Card Silver 1000


④Rule of activity:

1. Players must use Razer Gold to top up during this event to qualify for the award. Other method will not receive all rewards. (top up with G-coin will not be rewarded)

2. Each account can be repeated for a single top up to receive rewards

3. The rebate reward will be directly distributed to the top up account. The Razer reward will be sent by Razer. Please go to 4games-touch to submit your information.

4. If there are events such as server buffering, lag, disconnection, server anomalies, natural disasters, etc. affecting the progress of the game during the event, 4Games will not attach any responsibility and will not make compensation.

5. 4Games reserves the right to change or termination time and rules of this event.