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Size : L M S
Data : 2013-03-09

  Creating a Character:

  Upon entering the game, a player will be asked to create a character at first. During the creation, a player can choose a set of clothing of his/her choice. After giving the character a nice name, you can start your music journey.

  Beginner Tutorial:

  When a character is created, you will enter the beginner tutorial. In the tutorial, an NPC will teach you some basic keyboard controls. Once you have successfully followed her guidance, she will lead you to dance to a song to practice what you have learned. You canthen enjoy the world of music freely.

  Start Playing:

  Having created a character means that you have officially entered the world of TOUCH. Click the GAME LOBBY and choose the BEGINNER LOBBY. Enter a room with a waiting status and click READY to wait for the host to start the game. You can also host a room by clicking CREATE ROOM in the BEGINNER LOBBY. Once you have entered the room, you can select a song (default: random) and difficulty (default: 1 Star), then click START to begin the game.

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