First mission

Size : L M S
Data : 2013-03-09

  After creating a character, the player will enter the main interface of TOUCH. Then there will be a notice at the "Mission" icon, guiding you to accept your first mission as a dancer.

  First mission, "Journey of a Star", requires the player to complete one song. This will be your first dance and give you nice rewards after completing the misson.

  Follow the notice to enter the Game Lobby and create a room in the Beginner Lobby. Press "Start". Now it's time for your first show. Don't feel stressed when you're on the stage for the first time. Because the audiences are all your die-hard fans, little mistakes wouldn't affect their love and support for you. Relax and dance bravely!

  Having finished the first show, it's time for you to receive your rewards. Um, not bad. Fashionable "Panda Backpack". Now put it on.

  Open the backpack and click "Panda Backpack", the system will put it on for you, making you look more like a star. Alright, it's time for your next show. The rewards this time will be more appealing: free shopping card!

  Now that you have the free shopping card. Don't waste it. Fill your wardrobe with the stuff from the store. Come on, let's go shopping.

  Now you have waved goodbye to the inexperience and nervousness of a fresh dancer. You are able to hold the stage no matter how large it is. Are you ready to let your fans cheer for you again?

※All the data are to prevail within the data online game.※