Handbook Of Constellation

Size : L M S
Data : 2013-03-09

  You may meet special key-pressing notices during gameplay. Press the key and you will gain Crystal Stars or Golden Stars at the final tally. Stars can be exchanged in the Zodiac Guide for a gift or lottery ticket. You can only gain stars in the first 20 dances each day. The dance mode is not limited.

  Once a crystal star on the zodiac line is unlocked, you can click it to view exchangeable items and the number of crystal stars required. If you have already exchanged for the reward, the next star on the zodiac line will be unlocked. And so on.

  Golden stars can be used for lottery in the Golden Astrolabe. Each lottery costs 1 golden star. You may win costumes, items, EXP and credits, etc.

  Besides the item exchange and lottery, crystal and golden stars can be exchanged for Bundled R-coins under the zodiac guide interface. First, choose the star type, then fill in the number you want, click exchange and you will receive the corresponding Bundled R-coins.

※All the data are to prevail within the data online game.※