Social System

Size : L M S
Data : 2013-03-09

   The Social System consists of various relationship structures, including Lover, Friend, Following, Follower, Tacit Rapport, Recently Danced and Blacklist, etc.

   Lover: ID of the player who becomes your lover will be shown here. Each character can only have one lover.

   Friend: when two players follow each other, they become friends and will be shown on the other's friend list.

   Following: players whom you follow but are not your follower will be shown on the following list.

   Follower: other players who follow you will be shown on the follower list.

   Empathy: in the voting section before a dance begins, if a player and you vote for each other, he/she will be shown in the tacit Rapport list.

   Recently Danced: players who have recently danced with you will be shown in the recently danced list.

   Blacklist: if you don't want to be harassed by someone, you can add him/her onto the blacklist.

※All the data are to prevail within the data online game.※